Playground gospel

True story from the playground this week:

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John Owen on the Gospel

“The promise of the gospel is peculiar, divine, supernatural; and therefore for the receiving it God requireth in us, and bestoweth upon us, a peculiar, divine, supernatural habit, by which our minds may be enabled to receive it. This is ‘faith‘ – ‘not of ourselves, it is the gift of God.'”

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“This Word of His that you are considering is as true as His existence. He is a God unchangeable. He has not altered the things that He has spoken. He has not called back one single consolatory sentence. Nor can He fail in wisdom as to the time when He will bestow the favor. He knows when it is best to give and when it is better to withhold.

Since this is the word of a God so true, so unchanging, so powerful, and so wise, I will, I must, believe the promise.” – C.H. Spurgeon


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